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About Us

We love what we do!

We are a bunch of guys that just love doing what we do best – fishing, walking, swimming, biking, skiing, surfing, running and playing with our children.  And through our many experiences, we developed the perfect shoe to live, work and play in. …Füt Glove.

Füt Glove is an American company that was born out of our many passions in life. We know how important it is to go the extra mile that’s why we have made the shoe that allows you to do so. Our shoes are ergonomically crafted to support you in all walks of life… as nature intended.  Our products do not limit the natural function of the foot. Füt Glove follows the precision shape of the foot, providing the wearer with a secure and intimate fit that is almost like being barefoot.  

If you are a retailer have interest in Füt Glove products, contact us at sales@futglove.com.

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